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Today’s Market Place challenges old establish business, with the ever evolving internet environment. AVC International Group prides itself as a conservative visionary in evolving new market trends in guiding new business ventures and establish business in Today’s New Market Place.

Increasing importance of marketing in today’s economic environment

Today’s economic environment is tough. Consumer spending is low and at the same time consumers have become very knowledgeable and selective about the product they buy. Decision making is happening mainly based on word of mouth, though advertising is also playing a crucial role in decision making.

Thus, internet marketing and digital campaigns have become an important part of marketing strategy. If a business is offering services, than they will need to have a higher budget for internet marketing as their potential consumers search for services through google or through online classifieds today rather than recalling TV ads or outdoor media. In India, Justdial is a perfect example of how consumers are searching for products and services online.