Starting A New Business

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Our Management Programs cover all the Business Planing, Management and Operations of Business.  Starting a business or taking your current business to its next level growing Sales reviewing current operations and implementing more effect, all leading to a better profits.

Management Programs
Starting a new Business. (Our Package cover Everything)
   Package start from $25,000 to $2,500,000 
  1.   Creating the Corporation with its bylaws and share holders distribution and agrrements.   
  2.   Creat Company Website with company information, product line, ecommerance and social media.   
  3.  Office and Warehouse setup with the specification of the business with software and hardware.
Start Business In the USA – To obtain –  Visa Citizenship for the Family (Advertise International / Search Engines & Links)  
Taking your Business Public


Professional services
  1.   Business Plan Service
  2. Corporate Acquisitions
  3. Human Resources 
  4.  Real Estate
  5.  Marketing
  6.  Accounting
  7.  Legal
  8.  IT (Information Technology)
  9.  Franchise
10.  Security
11.  International
12.  Charitable Foundation 



Enhancing your current Business to the Next Level.  

AVC International Group for the past four (4) decades has been the provider business management service for its founder different business ventures. Its propose is to bring management cost down.

For the first time in its history AVC International Group will offer its service to the public. Our goal is to take our clients business to the next level.

We start summering our clients goal and recommend implementation of  systems to meet their business goals. With our Twelve (12) Management Service Divisions our team has the tools, knowledge and track history.