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Our Company resume dates back to 1987 when the organization started.

      2012 to Present – Auction Investment Group Trust: Founded as a company to invest in real estate auctions.  (More…) 
 Real Estate 1988 to Present – Real Estate Brokerage Trust:

Security Guards

1980 to Present – Allstate Security Guards Trust: Founded as a Business Trust operating several Corporation providing Security Service. The services include armed and unarmed guards service, electronic security systems.   (More…)
 Active Business Online Only 
My Trust System.com
 Previous Business
 Slate Construction
 Guard Servicescreenshot-662 1980 to 1987 – Allstate Guards & Security Service: The company was founded due to increase in crime in Miami-Dade County. It was a market research business venture.  More >>
 Limousine Service screenshot-661 1977 to 1981 – Alfredo’s Limousine Service: The company original started as a wedding Limousine Service  and in it’s Second Quarter started providing VIP Service actors, singers and Business Executives. In its First Year Anniversary the company owned three limousines and sub-lease two limousines.  More >>
 Four Decades of Business Ventures